Offers for WooCommerce – WC Vendors


This premium extension to our Offers for WooCommerce plugin adds compatibility for the WC Vendors plugin allowing vendors selling products on your site to manage their own offers.



Offers for WooCommerce is a plugin of ours that allows potential buyers to “make an offer” on an item for sale on your WooCommerce website.

WC Vendors is a 3rd party plugin that allows you to turn your site into an eBay / Amazon – like website where vendors can sell their own products or services through your site for a fee.

This premium extension was built to make Offers for WooCommerce and WC Vendors play nicely together.


  • Offer email notifications go directly to the vendor instead of the site administrator.
  • Vendors can manage offers from the WC Vendors Pro front-end dashboard.
  • A “Manage Offers” section was also added to the vendor admin panel in WordPress where each vendor can manage their own offers.

License Details

This plugin carries a paid annual license.


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