PayPal IPN PHP Script Template


PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system is one of the most under-utilized tools they provide. With IPN enabled, PayPal’s system will automatically POST transaction data to a listener script that you have sitting on your server. This script can handle the data however you need (e.g. updating a database, sending out email notifications, etc.)

This PayPal IPN PHP script template will get you up and running very quickly and easily, and it comes complete with a simple admin panel for viewing your IPN data.

WordPress User Note

Check out our PayPal IPN for WordPress plugin instead!



PayPal IPN PHP Script Introduction

I developed this PayPal IPN PHP script template for my own use years ago.  It was never meant to be anything spectacular.  It’s a very simple solution to get going with PayPal IPN in just a few minutes.  I have personally used this solution in hundreds of projects and it has been downloaded millions of times since its release.

What makes this solution great is that you can immediately get started automating tasks based on PayPal transactions without wasting any time building the IPN solution itself.  The PayPal IPN PHP script template is a perfect foundation for PHP IPN solutions.

Steps to Install the PayPal IPN PHP Script

  1. Extract contents of zip file and upload to a directory on your web server (eg. /paypal/ipn/)
  2. Open /admin/config.php and follow the commented instructions to fill in necessary values.
  3. Load /ipn/admin/install/ in a web browser and click the link to install the solution.
  4. Login to your PayPal account, click into the profile, and find Instant Payment Notification settings. Enable IPN and set the URL to (assuming you followed that directory structure)
  5. Load /ipn/admin/ in a web browser to access the basic control panel included with the template solution.


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