This PayPal SDK PHP class library gives PHP developers the ability to integrate PayPal API web services with ease.

You don’t have to understand how to work with API’s.  You don’t even have to understand how to work with class libraries or SDK’s.  It’s very simple for novice and intermediate developers, but powerful enough for advanced users, too.

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PayPal PHP SDK Video Demo


The PayPal REST API includes all of the latest and greatest web services provided by PayPal.  The REST APIs have tied into our library so that they are quick and easy to integrate into any PHP application.

The libraries support all of the REST services that PayPal provides.

PayPal Classic API SDK

The Classic API is PayPal’s original platform which consists of a variety of NVP or SOAP web services.

This PayPal PHP SDK fully supports all of the PayPal Classic API calls that are available.

Simplified Usage

The underlying class library that drives this PayPal PHP SDK is entirely object-oriented and fully extendable for advanced developers.  However, you do not need to understand how to work with objects and program in that manner in order to use this SDK.

The library comes complete with fully functional samples for the majority of the PayPal API calls that are available.

It also has empty template files for every call ready to go.  All you have to do is open the template file with the name of the API you would like to call, and fill out the PHP array parameter values that are prepared for you with your application’s data.  The library will handle the rest.

The results of the library are provided in an easy to read PHP array that includes all of the data you might need:

  • Original request data sent to PayPal
  • Individual response fields returned from PayPal
  • A copy of the raw request and response data for troubleshooting purposes.

You can have any PayPal API call you need running within minutes!

PayPal GetBalance Usage Sample

// Include required library files.

// Create PayPal object.
$PayPalConfig = array(
'Sandbox' => $sandbox,
'APIUsername' => $api_username,
'APIPassword' => $api_password,
'APISignature' => $api_signature,
'PrintHeaders' => $print_headers,
'LogResults' => $log_results,
'LogPath' => $log_path,

$PayPal = new angelleyePayPalPayPal($PayPalConfig);

// Prepare request arrays
$GBFields = array('returnallcurrencies' => '');
$PayPalRequestData = array('GBFields'=>$GBFields);

// Pass data into class and load the response into $PayPalResult
$PayPalResult = $PayPal->GetBalance($PayPalRequestData);

// Write the contents of the response array to the screen for demo purposes.
echo '

<pre />';

The library does include functional samples of many of the supported API calls, but they are just the individual calls themselves.

Our demo kits provide a complete shopping cart checkout experience fully integrated with our PayPal PHP SDK.  They also include videos that walk you through the whole process.

This will get you familiar with the general PayPal class usage very quickly.  It will also give you good experience with PayPal Checkout, Billing Plans and Agreements, PayPal Payments Pro, Adaptive Payments, and more as we make more demo kits available.


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