PayPal Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce


This plugin allows you to easily push shipment tracking numbers from WooCommerce orders to PayPal so that it is included in the PayPal transaction details and is available to their system.

  • Keep Customers Informed and Confident in Their Order
  • Get PayPal Payment Holds Released as Quickly as Possible
  • Reduce or Potentially Eliminate Future PayPal Payment Holds
  • Seamless Integration with ShipStation
  • Seamless Integration with “WooCommerce Shipment Tracking


WooCommerce Order Details

Use the built in PayPal Shipment Tracking widget to set the shipping carrier, gracking number, and shipment status.  Then click the button to send these shipment tracking details to PayPal.

PayPal Transaction Details

The shipment tracking details sent from the WooCommerce order will be displayed in the PayPal transaction details, and will be available to PayPal’s system that checks for delivered goods in order to release funds.

Shipping Plugin Support 

Are you using a 3rd party shipping plugin to generate labels and/or store tracking numbers?  No problem!

  • Map shipping plugin fields to PayPal Shipment Tracking
  • Tracking numbers from this plugin will be passed to PayPal
  • Send individual order tracking, or have all order tracking sent automatically

Quickly Review Shipment Tracking Status from Order List


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