WordPress PayPal Invoice Plugin


PayPal has a powerful Invoicing platform built in for free, and this system is now available as a WordPress PayPal Invoice plugin!

Quickly create and manage PayPal invoices from your website’s admin panel.  All invoices created using the plugin will be available in your PayPal account under the Invoicing tools.  From either your website or your PayPal account, you can then send reminders, cancel or delete invoices, and generate invoicing reports!


WordPress PayPal Invoice Plugin

PayPal Invoicing for WordPress is a plugin that makes it easy to send professional invoices to your customers from directly inside your WordPress dashboard.  Customers can pay you quickly and securely, and you will typically receive your cash within minutes.

WooCommerce LogoFully Supported

Are you using WooCommerce?  Create orders in WooCommerce using your inventory, tax, and shipping rules.  Then create and send a PayPal Invoice from the Order Actions menu.

Create and send a PayPal invoice within minutes. You can send through your own email or share a link.

Easily organize, track, and manage a complete history of PayPal invoices. You can also send out reminders on unpaid invoices.

Use your company logo and customize the fields included on your invoice to make it fit your business.

There are no setup or monthly fees, and you only pay a small transaction fee when you get paid.

The average WordPress PayPal Invoice is

paid within three days. *

Your buyers can choose to pay via debit or credit card, or via their PayPal account. They’ll love how easy and secure it is to pay.

Accept payments from 200+ markets around the globe.

How Does it Work?

1. Install and Configure the WordPress PayPal Invoice Plugin.

2. Create and send a PayPal invoice from the WordPress dashboard or WooCommerce order.

3. PayPal sends an email to your customer with a link to the invoice, or you can share a link on your own.

4. Customers can pay with their credit or debit card, their PayPal account, or PayPal Credit.

5. When the invoice is paid, the payment status will be automatically updated.

* Source: comScore, based on a survey of 1,226 US and Canadian small- and medium–sized business owne­­rs asked how long on average it takes to receive a payment on an invoice from the time the invoice is sent out, using their primary invoicing tool, December 2017. 320 of surveyed businesses are currently using PayPal. Responses were based on 12 months of invoicing payments from January to December 2017.


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