WordPress PayPal IPN Forwarder


Use this WordPress PayPal IPN Forwarder plugin to quickly and easily create forwarding rules for PayPal IPN notifications so that you can have IPN data sent to multiple IPN listeners at once.

This resolves limitations with PayPal’s IPN configuration where they only provide a single URL for an IPN listener.

NOTE:  This plugin is an add-on to our PayPal IPN for WordPress plugin.  You will need both if you do not already have it.


PayPal IPN has a limitation where you are only able to provide a single URL to receive the IPN notifications sent when transactions hit your PayPal account.  All too often merchants are selling products and services through multiple sources, and each of these sources may utilize PayPal IPN to process orders accordingly.  What if you have multiple tools, though, with each asking you to setup your PayPal account to send IPN notifications to their URL?  That’s where our WordPress PayPal IPN Forwarder plugin comes into play!

How Does the WordPress PayPal IPN Forwarder Work?

In your PayPal account profile you will configure IPN so that it points to the URL provided by the WordPress PayPal IPN plugin.  This way all of the IPNs that PayPal sends out will be logged in your WordPress admin panel, and with the forwarder plugin activated it will automatically send that same IPN data out to as many additional listeners as you have configured in the plugin.

All of the IPN data that gets sent out will verify against PayPal’s servers the same way it would normally, and they will all be hit immediately when the transaction occurs just as if PayPal was sending it directly to that URL.


WordPress PayPal IPN Forwarder

Smart Forwarding

Create rules that allow you to dynamically send PayPal IPN data to different URLs based on values included in the original IPN data.


Forward PayPal IPN data to different URLs based on:

  • The PayPal account that triggered the IPN.
  • The payment status or transaction type.
  • The transaction amount.

IPN History

View a log of all the IPNs that are forwarded out to various URLs which includes details about the data as well as the response code that was returned from the server where the data was forwarded.


Easily re-send IPN data if you need to trigger a listener at a forwarded URL that was not functioning properly when the initial IPN was forwarded.


The PayPal IPN Forwarder plugin is an extension to our WordPress PayPal IPN plugin, so you need to make sure you have it installed and activated prior to installing the Forwarder.

Licensing Information

Pricing is available for single or multi-site annual licenses.  You only need a single license for a single forwarder, and you can forward out to as many sites as you want.  You would only need a multi-site license if you actually wanted to setup multiple forwarding hubs.

To clarify, you need a license for each site that the Forwarder plugin itself would be installed on, not for the number of sites you would be forwarding to from a single site.  Let us know if you have any questions about this!

The annual license will need to be renewed for continued support and automated updates through the WordPress admin panel.


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